About Us

Fako Capital is an investment fund that provides funding and support for Cameroonian small and medium enterprises with financing needs between 60 and 350 million FCFA, often slowed down in their development by difficult access to long-term financing and skills.

Who are we ?

Fako Capital is the first impact investment fund based in Cameroon, dedicated to financing and supporting SMEs and start-ups with high growth potential and financial, social and environmental benefits.

Our mission

Support SMEs in their transformation, to make them the uncontested leaders in their business sectors in Cameroon and Central Africa

Our method

Financing and supporting entrepreneurs to enable them to realize their full potential and stimulate value creation, while fostering their contribution to economic resilience and social commitment

Our values

Entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to development, integrity, commitment to excellence

Our approach

Fako Capital works primarily with entrepreneurs based in Cameroon initially, and in Central Africa later, as well as with local suppliers and service providers to develop a dynamic fabric of SMEs in the sub-region.

Alongside the entrepreneur, we build a strategy and put in place an organizational and operational structure to accelerate business development, the creation of formal jobs for young people and the economic and social inclusion of women. Our approach is organized around the entrepreneur, with whom we aim to build a long-term relationship of trust.


Fako Capital offers financing adapted to the size and maturity of companies (minority equity investments, seed financing, etc.).


Through regular and personalised monitoring, Fako Capital enables the entrepreneur and his teams to strengthen their capacities. Fako Capital supports each company in the following areas: Strategy, governance, organisation, operations management, financial management, etc.


Fako Capital provides technical assistance resources to portfolio companies through skills development, know-how transfer and training. Fako Capital also provides portfolio companies with business experts to solve specific problems identified within the company.


Fako Capital is part of a pan-african network of investment companies supported by Investisseurs & Partenaires : Comoé Capital in Côte d’Ivoire, Teranga Capital in Senegal, Sinergi in Niger, Sinergi Burkina in Burkina Faso, Zira Capital in Mali, Inua Capital in Uganda and Miarakap in Madagascar. This network builds common skills and initiatives to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem between countries.

This network builds shared skills and initiatives to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem between countries. Companies supported by Fako Capital have access to a Cameroonian, pan-African and international network of shareholders and entrepreneurs, including the Club Africain des Entrepreneurs, a pan-African association offering high value-added services to entrepreneurs.

At Fako Capital, we are resolutely committed to financing and supporting exceptional start-ups and SMEs to make them leaders in their sectors.

Our impact is built around 3 key pillars:

  • Creation of formal jobs for young people
  • Economic and social inclusion of women
  • Promoting entrepreneurship

By focusing our efforts on these areas, we aim to catalyze a sustainable impact, both economically and socially, thereby contributing to the dynamic and inclusive development of Cameroon and the Central African region.

Aware of the social and environmental challenges, as well as the difficulties of access to finance for entrepreneurs, particularly women and young people, we are committed to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations at every stage of our investment and divestment process, and are committed to contributing very actively to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Fako Capital, we are committed to generating a positive, sustainable and measurable social & environmental impact in local communities, and to ensuring that at least 80% of our portfolio companies meet the criteria for gender-based investment. We promote job creation and formalization within the SMEs we support, gender diversity and parity within our team and senior management – as well as within the SMEs in our portfolio, and the support and promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Benjamin Ndi

Investment Officer

Vivian Tchuente Tchatchueng

Managing Director